What Coming Home Looks Like….

At 12:10am, my parents were finally home from their mission in Nigeria/Liberia. This pic is of our first glimpse of them, coming down the escalator in the airport. Mom, like the rest of us, is bawling her head off, while a smiling Dad films it from the other side.

We had 36 family members there to greet them. The second we could see their faces we started cheering. Luckily, the airport was almost empty. I was going to post a video of the event until

but it was taking to long to figure it uploading it tonight….and one other BUTT…mine!! There are many minutes of footage (or, should I say buttage?) of my large bahookey as I run around hugging, and bawling.
The whole crew headed home with the folks to further pester them to help them get settled ofter their long trip. Finally got home and in bed by 3:00am. (This includes all of the kids. The baby even stayed up for the fun). We “slept” for a few hours, then headed back to Mom and Dad’s for brunch at 10:00am. We spent the whole day there too!
It has been an incredible day! I feel like the planets are in their proper orbit….the Earth’s rotation has returned to normal….. and all the world is in harmony again!! Families are really amazing aren’t they?!

14 thoughts on “What Coming Home Looks Like….

  1. How wonderful that they are home safe and well! I know that feeling that you descibe when all is well in the world when the family is all intact again! My grandparents have served two missions and that is just how I feel when they return! What a blessig our families are!!


  2. Awww! I am so happy for your family. I have tears in my eyes.When my brother was returning from his mission (many years ago when non-passengers were allowed to go back) we were cheering and waiting anxiously for him with signs and everything. Strangers gathered around because they wanted to see who “Craig” was and why he had such a huge crowd of homecoming welcomers. (And he was one of the last to to exit the plane. I think that was planned.)


  3. Do you think this is what it’s like when we die – people waiting to welcome us crying and taking pictures? I think it must be a great big family reunion. Family is the best!


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