Big Booty!!

(No, I’m not talking about my fat hind quarters again!)

Whenever we go on a trip, without our kids, the first thing they ask when we get back is, “Did you bring us a prize?” I guess I was the same when I was little too. Now that I’m a grown-up it isn’t the first thing I ask anymore……it is AT LEAST the second!

It was an exciting event, Wednesday afternoon, when Mom started unloading her suitcases of their most excellent booty! (said in my best Bill and Ted’s voice) They had bought EVERY member of the family, including the 2 Great Grand kids, a complete outfit!!! They are incredible!!
Everything has very detailed stitching.
The colors are so bright……..
This is a close up of one of the woven ties for the men.
I’ll take some pictures of everyone on Sunday. We are ALL (30+) going to dress in them for church. The parents will be speaking about their mission. Their stories are amazing!!
I’ll have more to report later!!!

6 thoughts on “Big Booty!!

  1. Your little tater-tot looked so cute in his outfit! I can’t wait to get Marshy in his….if only his head wasn’t so HUGE! It will be so fun to see everyone all dressed up, won’t it?! of course, some of the men might need persuading…hehe


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