Finger in your Nose?

I think that Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for. My Dad is one of those guys that just goes out and buys the things that he really wants. It seems like we either get him a shirt, or some random food item, “Let’s see….we gave him trail mix last year…..what about a few cans of Spam this year??” Funny thing about that is he probably would enjoy the Spam!
My husband always says that he doesn’t want a gift. He…..” just wants the kids to be nice and get along for ONE DAY!” I know that I won’t be able to get him that!! (I’m fairly sure it doesn’t exist!)

One year my kids made their Dad King for one day! They gave him a goofy Burger King crown, a baby blanket cape, and the scepter….the T.V. Remote, of course! It was a funny idea, and the kids had a blast acting like his servants. Unfortunately, even the King couldn’t make them stop fighting!!

I have been searching the net, looking for the perfect gifts for Dad, and I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with you… lucky reader you!!! If you act now, you can probably get them shipped to you on time too!
This first gift is good for any man in your life! This is the ultimate in Nasal Grooming. The finger allows you to discreetly trim your nose hairs in public, and no one will ever suspect that that is what you are doing! The best part….only $9.97!

For the Desk Dad that wishes his job was a little more blue collar…

Convert a spare coffee mug into a desk & workbench organizer!” only $4.99 from x-treme geek!

Want to make the hours they spend in the loo more memorable?? Then this is the perfect gift for you!! (again from X-treme Geek)

This lovely TP roll lets you record a message, of your own choice, that plays back when the roll is spun. Can’t get better than that!! A moving experience!!

I’ll keep looking! I’m sure that there are hundreds of items fit for a fabulous Father! What are you giving the Dads in your life??


10 thoughts on “Finger in your Nose?

  1. ooo I love the toilet roll! I’d record ..”If you sprinkle when you twinkle. Then be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” or ” Put the seat DOWN!”


  2. I just came over from Tausha’s blog. I just want to know why you used the word loo? It is one of my favorites. I don’t use it enough in my life. Very british of you.


  3. My dad is one of those that you can’t buy anything for. In fact most of the presents we have purchased have never made their way out of the box. I would like to find something great for him, but what??? Hubby is easy. Scott’s pool table was grand for him. And I am off the hook.


  4. I’m LOL thinking about how your Dad would really love the spam : ) My dh would love the finger nose trimmer, may have to look into getting that one!My dh is going away for his annual Father’s day golf weekend with his best buddy. A whole weekend of golf and no kids, I don’t think I could give him anything better! LOL


  5. Oh, the messages I would leave on the toilet paper roll. I’m thinking a good one would be “If after going to the bathroom, the room smells slightly bad to you please light it on fire! Heaven knows you think your own crap doesn’t stink!”


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