The Fairy Garden…..

There is a little corner of our garden where the ivy grows lush and deep. The branches of the trees grow close to the ground, and everything is cool and quiet.

This is the place where the fairies come to play when we humans aren’t looking. They drink the dew from the leaves when everything is quiet and still, and they sleep under the giant ivy leaves.

A tooth was lost on Sunday, so Tally wanted to make a place for the tooth fairy to rest when she comes to visit. The kids went into our “Secret Garden” today and built fairy houses. They range in skill and complexity depending on age.

The 4 year old chose a bed of rocks and sawdust for his fairy visitors

The 5 year old thought that leaves, sprinkled with dried lilac, made a nice spot to rest from a long fairy flight.

Tally spent the longest on her fairy domain. She built a bed of rocks with a leaf blanket. The rose is a pillow, and the room is touched with yellow blossoms for color. She added a restroom too. The yellow flower is the boy’s, and the red is the girl’s. Behind that is a table. She left a couple of goldfish for lunch.
The 10 year old chose to re-use some cans that were in the recycling. There are two rooms that are adjoined by a rock and leaf pathway. He used his new pocket knife to cut in doors, and windows. (I was picturing severed fingers the whole time….I can’t stand to watch him with a knife!)

Gertie, 13 years old, built her house of sticks with a leaf roof. It all looked so ethereal in the dappled sunlight of the morning.

I hope the fairies visit tonight!


9 thoughts on “The Fairy Garden…..

  1. oh, of course the fairies will come to visit! they always seek out special places and welcoming children! tell your kids i said so… =)reminds me of a story i once heard…you know when babies are laying on their backs in their cribs the way they move their little hands in the air? it’s because they are innocent and can still see fairies and angels and they are playing with them…=)…everytime i see a baby reaching out into the air, i smile because of this…and think of fairies and angels flying around and giggling and playing with the baby…=)…thanks for the sweet post and making my day, jana!


  2. ok-those house are precious. Very creative children! Also-the fathers day ideas-they are some duesy! I am thinking about the talking toilet paper holder-ny husband would so laugh his butt off at this. Also-thanks so much for the award! How thoughtful of you to think of me! I love it!! Now0if i can just figure out how to post it!!


  3. It was so great to see that the fairy did visit right in the middle of the afternoon. Talley was so happy to have the note written by the fairy to her. I am sure that the fairy had to use the restroom after slurping up all the leftover coke in the duplex! MUM


  4. ack! so creative! When the faries are done at your house send them to VA – we could use a little sprinkling of their dust … wait a minute … I have enough dust of my own – scratch that!


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