Backstage parent……..

Now I don’t want to go all David Archuletta’s Dad on you, but ……MY KID KICKS BUTT in baseball.
I’ve been spending WAY to much time at the ballpark lately, usually watching my small herd of wild monkeys instead of the game. Tonight I was at the game with the baby….alone. It was really fun, in an “I’m going to have to punch that guy over there in the teeth” kind of way.
I happened to be sitting in the way outfield between a couple of families. They both happened to be supporters of the opposing team. This isn’t a problem for me because my sons 2 best friends are on that team, so I was cheering for them too….or, i was going to until I listened to those mean other parents. When my boy got up to bat mean Dad yelled, “Easy Out!!” How in the heck does he know??? And, how rude to yell so that a nervous little boy could hear. Cute son ended up getting walked…and later slid into home plate…..”SAFE!!”
When Cute son was pitching the Rudie-patooty family on the other side started commenting on his pitching. What is the deal with these people?? These are only kids!!!
The last inning had my son pitching to Rudie-patooty’s son. She was yelling, “Come one honey, hit it out to Mommy!” I secretly wished Son to pitch well…which he did! I am so proud that He can keep his cool under all of the pressure….I could learn from him!
ps. No mean or rude people were punched in the mouth by an irate, slightly (ha) overweight mother of 6.

9 thoughts on “Backstage parent……..

  1. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there. We would have started a riot and had those seats a shaken’! I was secretly hoping the son would have “accidentally” threw the ball OVER the fence and in the rudies face:) I’m mean like that!


  2. You have better restraint than me! Man = people like that just make me made … sadly they are raising little people to be just like them … poor kids. They lost the parent lottery. (Your’s won – big time!)


  3. It’s times like these that make parenting hard. We are a soccer family and I’ve overheard similar things from parents. It’s so absurd. It’s only a game. And a children’s game at that. Lighten up! (Glad to know I’m not the only parent who wants to punch out the rude parent!)


  4. Oh MAN, that would make me mad! Your kids are very lucky to have you as a mom. I was at my cousin’s soccer game last weekend. A bunch of 5-7 year olds running around like maniacs and I was so pleased and impressed with how supportive and happy the parents were. I really thought that maybe all that parent-sport craziness was on the decline. Sorry that it was not true in your case.


  5. I have never understood parents like this?! Maybe it is because I am so NOT competitive, but isn’t this supposed to be FUN for the kids?! I am always rooting for all the kids, I don’t like to see anyone mess up.You did really good not to punch rudie-patooty in the back of the head LOL


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