….Shout Hooray!

Celebrate Good Times….come on! It’s a celebration!

Today marks the first day of a one week celebration….a celebration that will bring me much joy (probably to the utter annoyance of many of you!)

This Saturday, June 28Th, is the beginning of my 40Th year on this planet….NO, I’m not already 40!! ( I just look like it! )

I am turning 39, which I actually think will be worse than turning 40 because I have a whole year to get over the fact that I am turning 40……39 just sneaked up on me!

So! To get this party started I found a little video that explains a lot about me!

Are you ready to party like it’s 1999? This week will be a be a blast!

ETA Thanks to my OLDER and wiser sister, I am no longer turning 39 this week!! I am really only 38!! A big shout out goes to DH for verifying that this info is correct! This week is getting better and better…..only 38!! I’m a baby!!! (a baby that is losing her mind maybe…but a baby none the less!)


16 thoughts on “….Shout Hooray!

  1. Aren’t you turning 38? I could swear that you are 3 years younger than me… I may be just losing it though. haha!I think we should go to an amusement park and ride a rollercoaster for your B-day?


  2. Oh no! I can totally relate to that video. Every single thing on it I know about. Does that make me old? No, it just means I have a great memory. So really that means my brain is super duper. Right?Love the bag.


  3. WOW! My memory kept ONE thing and that was that you are 3 years younger than me! (I have forgotten everything else:(I was almost freaking out when I read your post because YOU always remember everything. . my Alzheimer’s has ruined me. I had to get out a paper and pencil to figure out my age and hope I wasn’t a year older than I thought I was! YIPEE for both of us!! We’re just YOUNGENS:D


  4. Oh my, I did that one year too. Had to call my parents and ask them how old I was….but I have ten years on you and a hysterectomy…I just attributed it to hormones….you have no excuse…..oh ya…kids …blame lack of memory on the kids…that works!


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