The 80’s ROCK!!

Do you remember staying up late to watch Saturday Night Videos. We didn’t have MTV when I was in my early teens, so this is how I got my video fix!

I tried to pick my favorite 80’s video, but there are way too many. I picked this one because it makes me happy…and the skinny lead singer reminds me of one of my friends from high school!

What is your fave 80’s group, song, or video????


7 thoughts on “The 80’s ROCK!!

  1. We had Friday Night Videos, not Saturday. My sister and I would sneak out to watch them after my parents went to bed. lolWe always wanted to see U2. That was before they got popular.


  2. Ahh… ROD STEWART… duh! I’d drool and my father would say,”I just don’t get it”.Oh and Peter Frampton!Who I watched with 25,000 other teens at the Oakland Colliseum…25 years later watched him from 25 feet away at a small venue. Yep I could have died and got to heaven….my life was complete.


  3. Ok – I loved that song … still do. I have family in NY and I can remember in the summer watching MTV before it was anywhere else … man did I think I was cool. I remember the video for Video Killed the Radio Star!

    Just in case you need a another 80’s fix!


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