Smells like….

Don’t you just LOVE they way crisp line dried sheets smell?
You do, don’t you!!

How about the smell of “Flame Broiled Burgers” wafting through the air???
That is a smell that even a mostly vegetarian (me) can hardly resist!
Sniff right now!!
The BK, a block away, is cooking right now!!

I think that the best smell ever is the smell of summer rain storms!!
You too??
We do think alike, don’t we!

Last night a storm was threatening….and the winds were changing!
I realized, almost too late, that my sheets were still drying on the line.
I hurried to bring them in as the first drops fell.
Quickly, I made my bed so that we could get the kiddies to sleep.

Finally it was my turn to crawl into my luxuriously fresh sheets……..
I know!! I’m a knock out!!
That is what I always wear to bed too……

OK!! Quit laughing so hard!
That was pretty rude!
THIS is more like what I wear….Yes, even in the summer!
(I have dangerously cold feet!)


I Pulled those crisp sheets up around my face, to take in their sunshiny line dried goodness!


Uhhhh….have you ever smelled Flame Broiled laundry??? Not so good for sleeping…..

Just sayin’!


15 thoughts on “Smells like….

  1. I LOOOOOOOOVE the smell of fresh sun-dried sheets! Tomorrow is my day for washing and hanging out the sheets. Growing up in Phoenix, the late summer dust storms and thunderstorms would come, and I remember Mom yelling for all us kids to run and help her get the clothes off the line before they got wet and dirty.


  2. You know, they only turn the flame broiler on some days….Too bad they don’t have a schedule so you can dry your sheets on days when they don’t have it going. Maybe you could call them and find out??


  3. It looks like QUEEN OF EVERYTHING has her mind in the gutter: dreaming of whoppers all night…hurumph! such pornographic imagery in her words. Why she should be banned…….oh…..She actually MEANT a WHOPPER hamburg? Uh……scuze me…..gotta go.


  4. First, I would like to apologize…second…it was a pretty fun thing to do if you have like 4 hours you don’t know what to do with! Hah…remember mine have all left home except for one, 16, who thinks I am so uncool to hang out with….so what’s a girl to do? Play on Flickr and Tag friends! sorry ~smile~Terisa


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