Yes! It is here! My “Bonus” year….38!!
Saturday we will be at Lagoon . I might be riding The Rocket with my 10 year old boy. He did this last year with his cousin Colton. This year we’ll be doing it in his honor.
I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of this

and this

and this!!!


11 thoughts on “Multi-tasking…..

  1. happy birthday!(did you hurl?)and please tell me those aren’t really your toes lurking below. . .and if you DID lose your lunch, wedon’t wanna see the picture! 😉


  2. I wrote you happy birthday on your facebook, which I doubt you ever go to now that you have your blog! GOSH!! Anyway….HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLA! I think you should call in sick to work tomorrow….make Lego Man deal with all the kids and take some time off for yourself!


  3. Cool you are a cancer. Happy Birthday! I knew there was something I liked about you. My 38th is on the 6th of July. I have been kinda bummed about it. It is so much closer to 40 than I feel comfortable with.


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