CHA…CHING!! Go Earth!!!

We started line-drying our clothes in the middle of May.

Faithfully, we have hung 90% (or more) of our clothes!

At this same time, we made another small change. We set our AC at 76 degrees instead of 70.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for our power, and gas bills to come……hoping for some change in the numbers. Not so much for money sake, but to prove that doing these things is making some difference…that we really are saving power, gas, and lessening our carbon footprint.

The Good News is that our gas usage was down noticably, and our electricity usage was the lowest it has been in 3 years (as far back as the records go)!!!!!

Money-wise we saved $40-$50…….enough to pay for the clothesline, pulleys, and clothespins! And that was just MAY!! We have been drying our clothes all of June!! Can’t wait to see the numbers!

In other news! I chickened out of going on the Rocket, but my son forced me to go on the Colossus instead. It was the last ride of our day. We screamed “Colton”! I didn’t upchuck either… was really close though…ugh!


One thought on “CHA…CHING!! Go Earth!!!

  1. Way to go on the conserving energy thing. I just put my line out tonight. It is pretty pathetic looking but, I get way more laundry done in a shorter period of time.I love the rides at Lagoon but I haven’t gotten my kids to ride very many of them yet.


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