Will Work For……..

A friend of mine is opening a fabric store next week!

It is only one block from my house.

Tonight I went and helped her organize the fabric…….I got to touch LOTS of fabric!

I couldn’t keep myself from hugging the bolts…

is that a bad thing?


18 thoughts on “Will Work For……..

  1. This is going to be so hard! It was easy when Creekside was clear in Payson and I couldn’t see it when I drove by….but I have to drive by the new shop to get to work or your house or Mom’s house now! AAAAAHH!!! I {heart} fabric! (But not as much as you because I have yet to hug the fabric, or swim in it…or lick it) 😀


  2. I told our fabric store owner she should charge to come in a touch fabric…..what is is about the stuff that’s so darn addicting…in a love /hate kind of way!Hugging is completely acceptable behavior.All the money your saving on your electric bill you can purchase fabric with!Terisa


  3. Nope, not bad, I totally understand! LOL When I go to a fabric store, I love to walk up and down the isles just petting the fabric : ) How cool that you have a friend right there to buy fabric from. Maybe not so good for the bank account though lol


  4. Oh good lord I’d be drooling all over the place. I too am a fabric petter. And then I make whoever is with me at the time (my husband or sister in law usually) pet it too! ROFLOL!! Seriously I am so jealous because I want to hug fabric… *pouts* oh well I guess I’m off to my craft room to close my eyes and hug that ugly green satin back there…..


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