Finished Quilt….no really

It seems like it has been months since I have posted a finished project, but here they come!!!

This is a quilt that I made as a sample for Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shoppe ( it opens Monday!!) The pattern is Thimble Blossoms bloom, and the fabric line is Garden Fantasy by The Red Rooster.

This is a fairly simple pattern that doesn’t take a lot of piecing skill, and the appliques are fused on.

I machine quilted it in a flower meander pattern.

I would definitely recommend this pattern to a new quilter because of it’s simplicity, or to an experienced quilter because it is quick and fun…..almost instant quilty gratification!

My next projects are the Sabrina Tunic, and Craft Apple Car Organizer.

Not to mention my new stash of fabric that is taunting me from the sidelines


19 thoughts on “Finished Quilt….no really

  1. YAY! I’m so glad that you got to quilt! It turned out so cute! I will probably have to buy fabric and the pattern to I can do that one, because it is just too dang cute.


  2. Oh oh oh! I love that quilt! It’s just beautiful. That tunic rocks – I can’t wait to see it finished. I have an Amy Butler one that I keep putting off … I’m scared – ha! I want to make the car organizer too … can’t wait to see what fabric you use from your newly aquired lot 😉


  3. When in the HECK did you get time to make that quilt with all the goings on of the 4th? What did you do with those SIX (6) children that are all over the place while you were sewing and quilting? You are absolutely AMAZING!!! MUM


  4. oh how I wish that I could sew! Your talent makes me covet it even more!How fun to help with all that fabric!I too LOVE fabric! Don’t sew, but i still love fabric, is that weird? Oh well?!


  5. This is so, so cute! I am taking a “machine quilting” class in August and I have so many design ideas in mind. It’s amazing how simple the piecing is, and how much the quilting part pulls it all together!


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