Tunic Done

I love Tina Givins fabrics! They are that perfect blend of Retro-kitsch that make my inner Groovy Mama want to plan a fondue party!

Here is the Sabrena Tunic. The pattern was easy to follow, but there are a few things that I will change next time I make it.
* The first change I’d make would be to line the bodice instead of facing the neck, and arm holes.
*The second change would be to use a regular zipper, not an invisible one. I am not a big fan of putting in zippers anyway….invisible zips are a pain in the hiney!

Tomorrow I have to work on Cub Scout Pack Night……ugh….I am in charge of the activity…pooh…….Whine whine whine….yadda yadda…I’m not a fan of being Den Mother!!!


11 thoughts on “Tunic Done

  1. That is so cute! What size did you make it in? Tallulahbell size? It would look super cute on her. As for pack night….I’m sorry. Actually, I’m not because I’m not in scouts anymore! YAY! hahaha. Okay, done gloating. Yes, I really am sorry. I feel your pain. You shouldn’t have to go, because you only have 1 scout anyway, and he’s your nephew!


  2. WOW – that is just beautiful! You are fast girlfriend … If I could only get that kinda mojo when it comes to cleaning my house maybe the science dept from the local college would stop calling wanting to take samples …


  3. I always wanted to secretly be a hippy. There is something appealing about the idea of a bohemian skirt, peasant top, heavily embroidered purse and flowers in my hair…a garland I have just picked and strung. I tried to come up with a good name for the day that I WILL become one (when my children have all left home and I can say they drove me to it)…hubbie suggested favorite color, weather and flower. I may have told you this before but I am officially “Fuchsia Sunshine Snapdragon”.You need to come up with one for the fondue days that you wear this dress! Blessings,Terisa


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