He’ll Never Sweep Again…

This morning, my ten year old was sweeping the front porch.
He came running inside SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY…..

“My EYE!!!

My EYE!!

A BEE stung My EYE!!”

I rushed over (had to leave the computer) to see the damage…..
….nothing. zip. zero. zilch.
Not even a red mark!
So, I grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables (Very useful things) and put it on the skin colored spot where he said the bee had stung him. (right!) I gave him a mega dose of Benedryl too, just in case.


when he got home from the ball game,

this is what he looked like!

I gave him MORE Benedryl

and another bag of frozen vegies…..poor thing~


16 thoughts on “He’ll Never Sweep Again…

  1. That’s not a bee sting. He’s obviously allergic to frozen vegetables!Ouch! Poor thing! If he ever gets stung again, vinegar is very good for reducing swelling and the sting (but not near the eyes obviously!)


  2. Just more amo for parental guilt, right? I wonder where exactly that little bugger got him? I bet it looked even nice this AM??? My littlest, Carter, gets that swollen from some mosquitoes. . which makes for very interesting times lately with all of this wet weather in Northeast WI. Glad he’s OK.


  3. Poor guy! That sucks! I don’t know if you remember, but when Sparky was a puppy he got stung on his eye, and sparky ended up looking just like him! I hope the swelling goes down soon. And I hope he had fun at the game! 🙂


  4. Well if you think he looks bad in that picture, you should see him today. Poor guy can’t even open the eye!!! Didn’t seem to slow him down much though. MUM


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