Grandma did….

I tried to crochet last night.

Several hundred years ago I used to crochet leper bandages.
………… really!

It wasn’t hard because they didn’t have to look nice…or be the same number of stitches each line…

This is hard!

Why didn’t I have Grandma teach me??


7 thoughts on “Grandma did….

  1. hey! i used to knit leper bandages! bet mine were more crooked than your crocheted ones! sigh…i miss my leper friends…always willing to give me a hand (or a leg or an arm) if i asked…(sorry, that was lame…)…=)…


  2. I thought T’s comment was really funny! Maybe Angel can teach you up at D.V., because Grandma did teach her…and she does it right handed, so you wouldn’t have to try to figure it out backwards!! 🙂


  3. Keep working and you’ll get the hang of it. It is all about finding a groove and just going with the flow. You have to stop thinking and just let your hands work. The more that I crocheted the better I got. One day it will just click and then it will be so easy for you. I didn’t have a grandma to teach me either. My Aunt started to crochet to stop smoking. It worked too! That is how I learned 🙂


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