Car Organizer Anyone?

Car organizer??

Do I really need to make one?? I already have one…It’s my husband!!
Ba dum bum chhhhhhh!

I’ve been working on Craft Apple’s Car Organizer for the Quilt Shoppe. I’d have to admit that I have been dying to make one since Craft Apple told us she was working up a pattern….many moons ago!
I LOVE how she turned out! Isn’t she pretty???

When I first read through this pattern, I was frightened! It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me….but I went ahead anyway! After I cut all of the pieces out, and there are MANY pieces to cut, I took it step by step……slowly…and it turned out right.

This is not the easiest project I’ve ever made, but I am thrilled with the result….so it was worth the curse words I said under my breath!

NOTES: If you make this make sure all annoying people that live with you are in another part of the house…or out of the country…because the can cause unnecessary anguish, and mild chest pains.


9 thoughts on “Car Organizer Anyone?

  1. I don’t have the same organizer you have. My husband is a faulty model!I think I would need you to make an organizer for my organizer. I wouldn’t want to get that cute thing messy!


  2. great fabric! it turned out very well even if it was a bit frustrating to make!our car organizer consists of a plastic grocery bag hooked to the gear shit…ya know…so it doesn’t fall over and spill… this looks much better


  3. Lola,It looks fantastic! I love those happy fabrics together! This is definitely the most difficult pattern I’ve written, but I’m glad the results made it all worth it! Cute, entertaining post. :o)


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