Fab Fab from Frister

I have a Sista-friend (Frister) named Ringmaster. She has been an adopted member of our family for many years now. Well…Ringy just gave me a birthday present that may actually boost her into 100% sisterhood!!

First of all, it was wrapped in this lovely Amy Butler fabric. She knows I’m a sucka for Amy! Inside was pearberry lotion**YUM**!!


A stack of Moda’s NEST, designed by Tula Pink. You know how much I love Tula’s designs, especially Flutterby. This is her newest line, and it doesn’t even come out until August, but Ringy bought some at Quilt Market.

Look at the cute flower birdy.

The colors are gorgeous, and the prints…fantastic!!

I think I am going to turn it into the grooviest Laptop/Messenger Bag!!! My Brother just gave me his old laptop. It is WAY better than my old laptop…..which is the actual top of my lap!


7 thoughts on “Fab Fab from Frister

  1. oOH! Very nice idea for using the fabric! Although, I would just let it sit there and look pretty on my shelf. I think that Ringmaster was a full blown sister a while ago. Especially after ironing so many tablecloths in the cultural hall, on a classroom table, 15 minutes before they were needed. Only a true sister would go to those lengtHs to make sure that the tablecloths were ironed!


  2. Looks like jealous and yummie are the words of the day. Sure am glad that I am so close to the fabric. Some might just fall off as you sew. I’ll keep checking at Deer Valley. MUM


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