One of THOSE days!

Brought to you by the letter Q

In Pseudo-Pola-vision

(so that I can seem as cool as all of you that actually have a Polaroid One step from the early 70’s….and like the way it takes pictures!?)

Quesadilla- My world famous Napoleon Dynamite Quesadilla Bites to be exact! (Don’t act like you’ve never heard of them before! They Are World Famous!) I made these for the 8 kids today!

Quilt-tastic This is My 13 year old’s 1st quilt. She was calling herself, “Amazing” and “Awesome”.

Quaff– To some of you Quaff may mean to drink fast…but in our family it refers to your hair-do. I’ll use it in a sentence for you; Her Quaff looked like this when she woke up this morning, and still looks like that now!
In this picture my son may appear quiescent…he is but for a different reason!
What do you get when you and your cousin (that is your age) re.pea.ted.ly twist-and-spin in your swing??????? Queasy
No the baby isn NOT having orange popsicles, Tootsie pop, and Cheetos for dinner!! Ok..he is….
I do have Questionable parenting skills!

Is this a rare Quasi-modo sighting?? I am afraid not. It is my adorable daughter…sporting her evil, white eyeballs. She’s really a nice girl…not vampire!?

It’s time for Project Runway!!! Whew-Hew!! I love watching those Queens fight! It reminds me of my college days in the Costume shop!


9 thoughts on “Qrap-tastic!!

  1. You are quite the quick queen with the Qs. (at least I didn’t say queer). Oh quit already or I will make you quiver!And yes your oldest may just always look like that right before she attacks and BITES her innocent prey.Hey my word verification was Qwvgetm. Started with Q. Cool huh?


  2. I am so jealous that you get to watch project runway!! I don’t get Bravo anymore! 😦 BOO HOO But, please remember who turned you onto the PR in the first place. *ahem* 😀


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