Mama’s gettin’ tired!

How much longer until school starts?

I’m not so sure I can’t contain the Demon Mom any longer…..although my kids think I unleashed her months ago!

Today, Whilst poor Mummy was napping (underneath a napping baby, of course) the 13 year old daughter (see post below) decided to break out the paints. Did she paint her Mother a picture of flowers and sunshine…..


She painted her siblings, and cousin.

She created her very own gang!! With my acryllics, and my brushes, in my studio, AND she left the caps off the paint…and didn’t clean the brush. CUTE! They all managed to get paint on their outfits too!

The one thing that saved them all was the tattoo on their arms. They all wanted the initials of their cousin that passed away 4 months ago. I couldn’t spank them after that…I was all choked up! I guess they ar pretty cute….even the teen…after all!


11 thoughts on “Mama’s gettin’ tired!

  1. What wonderful kids!! I don’t know why you would be feeling the way you do?? Eight children Friday… great is that? haha You demoness!! MUM


  2. I am with you on the school thing. My new slef reflection is just like yours only with a tail and I breath fire!I am going to make a candy chain. Like the paper chains the kids bring home for christmas, only I am going to use an entire bag of chocolate kisses instead of just one! Want to make it with me?


  3. CRS – b4 reading the meaning I thought they were using an acronym. . but now it makes even more sense. Did I ever tell you about the black sharpy & the white walls?? Summer vacation will end soon. . . hang in there!


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