….Jiggity Jig!!

I’m Baaaaa…aaaaaack!!!!

Yes…sad, but true……the “Dream Vacation” has come to an end!

Well, I guess it isn’t exactly the dream vacation. We took the kids! But, It was very enjoyable even with them around!! (I am surprised…a little.)

Now we are back to reality. The kids are suffering from a terrible case of Post Vacation SPANKS…..SPoiled And Naughty Kid Syndrome. They’ve already forgotten all of the brotherly love, fun outings, and unlimited snacks of last week. We are back to being the “Worst parents in the world”….again!

I miss last week………..Where is Paulo the Pool boy who always brought my drinks??? I miss Paulo!


2 thoughts on “….Jiggity Jig!!

  1. I wonder if Paulo would wear an apron?….hummm…I’m not sure where my mind was going with that one….thank you…I think for the award!Now I’m off to write my speech. Terisa


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