Let’s Go Back……

Back to a time when we were young………..and had NO children………..are you there with me????
Do you remember what it was like to sleep at night…………..?
Me either, but I think it was something like this………

Journey with me …….13 years away from sleep…..
Thirteen L.O.N.G. years without sleeping.
This is what my bedroom looked like,
at 2:12 am,
the morning we were leaving for vacation……..
(The parts of Jana and Jeff (aka Lola and Lego Hair) will be played by angry Stick Robots.)

We were both running to the shrieks of other children, that is why we aren’t actually in the picture. BUT….when we were in bed, there wasn’t much bed to be in!!!

The pictures below are what we looked like when we left later that day.
(I had to wear a Do-rag because my hair was unruly!)

Jeff was completely Sleep deprived, to the point of delirium.
We couldn’t get him to stop giggling!!

Our week away was very restful……well, as restful as being with 30 family members can be.

We didn’t catch up on our sleep, but somehow felt refreshed. It could have been all of the swimming, or all of the Diet Coke we ingested, but our wrinkles seemed to fade……….

Don’t I look dreamy??? And Jeff….More BUFF than ever!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go Back……

  1. I see your bed looks much like ours – child sleeping sideways, another stretched out. There have been several nights lately where one of us “resident sleepers” slept elsewhere. Oh, we also have a little dog (who is overweight) who sleeps under the covers by my feet. Good think we have a King sized bed!


  2. Damn! I missed the de-wrinkling! Maybe it was because I was the only female to venture into the sun? I only have a dog up my butt when I sleep now:)cool, my word is elubsnim


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