Nappy time!

Yeah!! I finally finished something!!

Lynsey’s baby is due in 5 weeks….SO!

Here it is!! I used the tutorial from A Mingled Yarn…and tweeked it a little. I have a problem with just following directions…..I like to make it up as I go, run into problems, and have to really think it out. Why bother taking the easy way out and follow directions!!

I think this is one of my favorite bags I’ve ever made!

10 thoughts on “Nappy time!

  1. this turned out great…I really don’t know when you have time to sew…I had to wait until 3 out of 5 flew the coupe…..thank you for the wonderful award! it allowed me hours of “Flickr finding for fotos”!Terisa


  2. this is darling. I wish that I was on the receiving end of all of your wonderful creations.I hope ur friends and family know how lucky they are!I love the fabric as well. Wish I was more like you!


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