Speaking of Procrastination….

….Ringmaster’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Today I started working on her present.

“What are you making her?” you ask.

Well DUH….a Purse!! (Hello! My name is One Trick Pony!) I made up a new pattern. I named it Sister because Ringy is my Sister…she was just born to different parents!

I asked my baby to point out some of the finer points of this bag for you. Aren’t those little fingers so cute!

I used Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossom. I love this combination!

Later, while I was hard at work on the computer……….

Luckily it was the Washable markers!


8 thoughts on “Speaking of Procrastination….

  1. I was just wondering when I get my sister back, and then I realized probably never since I made her a silly necklace and belt that is way not as cool as your purse!


  2. I LOVE that purse & the fabric! Feel free to make another & send it my way:) Tee hee. Gotta try! I should start making all of my gifts. . .I better start for Christmas 2009 so I can be ready:) I've banned permanent markers from my house. LOVE washables!


  3. Hi Lola, What an adorable bag!!! & the fabric is gorgeous!…Thank you for visiting my blog! I have been reading yours as well & so enjoy it!…I have entered you in the “giveaway”…Good Luck!…heidi Xo


  4. LOVE this bag, and the previous diaper bag. So dang cute! I didn’t look yet, but if you haven’t put the patterns online yet, please do! 🙂 I’ll be sure to use them, someday!


  5. I have been watching your blog for awhile and have made several of your purses. You are very talented. Thanks so much for your very generous tutorials. I hope you come out with one for this purse because it is my favorite.


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