Twilight…….The Purse!

I have a friend named Shasta. Was she named after the Soda???
I say Nay Nay!!!
She was named after the world famous Liger, Shasta.
She told me this story,…but she didn’t seem very happy about it!
I digress.

Shasta is the friend that owns the fabric store. She is also a huge fan of the Twilight series of books.
To celebrate the release of the 4th book she is hosting a party Friday night. This will not be an average party….nothing Shasta does is average….It will be over the top!
She is hoping to have door prizes for everyone there. I know that she has made several quilts, she has someone making bracelets, purses, and other cool things.
She sent me home from her shop, on Tuesday, with about 8 bolts of black, white, and red fabrics. She asked me to make at least 5 purses for the party!
This is what I have so far (Thursday night):

This first purse is my own pattern. She has some great buttons! I couldn’t resist!

The second purse is J Coroline’s Hobo bag. It’s the first time I’ve used the pattern, and I L.O.V.E it!!!

The third one is the Everything Bag. The tutorial is found on Sew Mama Sews blog.
It is a fun, and easy bag to make.
The big square button is my fave.
Now back to sewing!!! At least 2 more to get done before the party!!!

16 thoughts on “Twilight…….The Purse!

  1. amazing… i had a wax shasta –you know, the ones that they make if you put in 3 quarters… but they always have bubbles in them and never turn out?! the ladies of b6 will be attending the midnight book release. cannot wait!


  2. That is freakin’ awesome she is named after the Liger!! I thought for sure it was the soda pop! As for your purses: HOLY COW lady, you are so creative!! And those buttons are super cute. Between you and Angel your stuff will be the hit of the party!


  3. Wow! Where do you find the time? And why can’t I live closer so I could come??? Do you sleep? (Oh, that’s right. . how could you sleep with various children climbing in your bed?? Tee hee!) You ROCK!


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