I have dreams, ya know!

Last night I dreamed that I was doing laundry, and the piles kept getting bigger… and bigger…..
Does this mean anything???


7 thoughts on “I have dreams, ya know!

  1. I think it means that you should do what I do…just get so far behind on the laundry (not on purpose of course) that your husband is about to run out of underwear so he does it himself. Then your piles will disappear. 😉If you happen to never get around to folding the laundry (not on purpose, just busy) and are content to pull the new/unfolded clothes out of the laundry hamper until all are confused as to what is clean and what is dirty he may decide to fold and put away the laundry too.


  2. my dreams like this are not really dreams. . .they're reality! I'm fine with the washing & drying part. . .it's just the darn folding & putting away part that gets me everytime. No magic laundry fairy over here. . makes me want to join a nudist colony. Ok, maybe not!


  3. I have the one where I keep getting hamburgers added to my pile to eat and I can never catch up. Maybe we’re just expressing our dislike for things?I have that laundry one..oh wait…that’s reality! My laundry haunts me day and night:/


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