Kids take up all my sewing time!

The kids took me to the park yesterday, and today we are going to the waterpark…well…in the back yard.

Summer fun is rapidly coming to a close and I think we are all ready for school to start.
Here are a few blogs that might give you some ideas of how to end summer with bang!

The Crafty Crow

Two Cups of Coffee

Make and Takes

Kids Crafts

Craftzine kids crafts

Hopefully, SOON, I’ll get to get back to sewing!!! I can hear my fabric calling my name…….it is getting hard to block out the voices………..Must.resist.a.few.weeks.longer………


3 thoughts on “Kids take up all my sewing time!

  1. I think that once your kids are all in school, except for the youngest two(?), you will have OODLES of time to sew! Oh! And speaking of sewing….I can’t find the presser foot for my old machine ANYWHERE! What the heck? It was on it like last week and now it’s gone. Anyway, I don’t know if it will work with other presser feet, but if it will, it is totally yours if you want it.


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