The Notebook

I have a notebook in which I have started to sketch my pattern ideas. It is really fun to doodle, come up with measurements, and then figure out all of the pattern pieces.

My friend Shasta gave me some of Joel Dewberry’s new Ginseng. It is GORGEOUS……and it is so thick and silky….drool…… I wanted to make it into something fabulous! I designed a briefcase ( in my notebook) that I thought would show off the fabric, but I didn’t want to make a “test” bag-to see if the pattern works… no, I just dive right into the lusciousness with my rotary cutter.

So far, it is working out nicely. There have been several moments where I’ve gone, “Ewwww, I should have done that BEFORE I sewed it to that other part!”

I hope that I can get the handwork done (part of the oops!) so that I can show it off soon!


7 thoughts on “The Notebook

  1. I am still waiting for your brief apron I think it will be a big seller on lola again….. Sorry I didnt come sew today I thought “she already has one million kids over and the last thing she needs is Lynsey the big fat bawl baby and her whiney kids hanging out all day”


  2. Very cute fabric! Hope it turns out great!It’s interesting to me to read about yours and Joanna’s love of sewing b/c the thought of sewings makes me go “argh!” and you “ahhhhh” as if it were a chocolate truffle. But then again I used to go, “argh!” about jogging and now I really enjoy it. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll pick up sewing.


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