Tutorials are Coming!!!

Thanks for all of the SUPER ideas for tutorials!!!
I want to do them all, so it might take a while!
This is what I did today

It is a binder cover for me to keep my notebooks in.

I should have the Tutorial up by Monday afternoon. It was fun to make, and not that hard either.

I also made a pattern for the Super Secret Tampon Wallet! I loved that idea! Thanks Rebecca!

I start teaching my Purse of the Month Club, at Gracie lou’s Quilt Shoppe, this weekend. I am nervous, and excited. I’m starting off with the Jenny Bag, but I’ve designed new bags for all of the other months. I will have those patterns available (soon) on Etsy.

Well, off to type up the instructions for the tute!!


6 thoughts on “Tutorials are Coming!!!

  1. I have been trying to figure out where you took that picture….Great binder cover….of coarse, I want one. MUMDon’t need the super secred ….cover….hehe


  2. SO CUTE! Can’t wait for the tute. I totally need one of these. Does it fit only one size of binder? Or can you adapt it easily to fit bigger sizes? Cuz, that would be super cute as a scrapbook cover too.


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