Same Tute…More uses!!

I have a few more uses for the Paci pocket pattern……If you leave out the vinyl;

Cell phone / ipod cozy– face it with fusible fleece to make it more cozy. You could also add a little handle, if you wanted…I won’t force you to.

Camera case– You might have to alter the measurements a little, and definitely use the fusible fleece for interfacing!

Glasses case– make the case a few inches longer…pad it with the fleece (again with the fusible fleece)

I just thought of this one…..Tampon cozy/Pad pocket!!! This would be a quick and easy way to hide them in your purse or backpack!


6 thoughts on “Same Tute…More uses!!

  1. a tampon cozy! perfect. I always hate grabbing up my entire purse when heading to the restroom while at friends houses or what not. I always feel like everyone just knows! This will just keep them guessing! Hmmmm…being all pregnant I won’t need to worry about that until January! And then I get to worry about it for much too long!!!!!! Ugh!!!


  2. I don’t need it for the tampon cozy and so instead I will make one to hide chocolate in. Then I will take it to the bathroom with me and enjoy a moment of complete heaven to myself:)


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