Bed for baby!!

My favorite fabric shop has a new addition!
She is the littlest blondie-snookums-pie-bitty-baby Shih Tzu
named Stella!
When I went in today, she was sleeping on some batting
on the cutting table.
She is WAY to cute to sleep on batting….
so I made her a
Joel Dewberry Ginseng
Stella Bed!!

Complete with a bone shaped pillow!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow to see Stella Lou in it!!

I used the tutorial on Pretty Little Things blog!


9 thoughts on “Bed for baby!!

  1. So I went up there after I left your house, and Stella is SOOOO CUTE! She is sitting on the counter in the bed, and is just the cutest thing ever. Marshy kept wanting to hug the puppy, and all the women in there were fawning over her. The bed was super cute, too! 🙂 Good job!


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