If it Tasted Like Chocolate….

I really have a problem…
ok..I have more than one..sheesh!
I really LOVE fabric!! All fabric!! All of the time!
I love the way it looks,
and the way it smells when you iron it!
It never ceases to amaze me!
I want to spend all of my time with it…holding it!
I think we work well together.
The only way I could love it more is if
it tasted like chocolate!!

11 thoughts on “If it Tasted Like Chocolate….

  1. I totally know what you mean. I too love fabric. My daughter on the other hand loves books. She has often said that she would love a perfume that smells like new books. Is there a freshly ironed fabric scent in your future?


  2. Oh yes, me too. I love to take it out of the package when it arrives and hold the neatly folded treasures. Then stack them and rearrange them and restack them and then do it again. And then once it’s in my hands I start thinking of all the OTHER things I want to do with it, besides what I bought it for. Then I start second guessing if I bought enough! Then I discover another collection that I just have to have! The worst part for me is cutting into for fear I am going to ruin it.


  3. Yup. We are cousins!I love how it looks when you first buy it, all neatly folded and crisp. Then it tends to get shoved in my fabric stash all creased and crumpled!Now I know you’re not a busy lady and you don’t do anything all day, so come and join in on the camper van swap I’m running on my blog.We need some representation from the US of ASmoochesxx


  4. The great thing about loving fabric and chocolate is that you can have both with in one block of your house!! That might be a great contributor to the addiction! You need therapy. MUM


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