Alone-ish, at last!!

I have 6 kids.
You probably already know that!
Being the parents of so many kids means that you are ALWAYS being parents!!!
I remember, back in the day, when I used to have a husband…now he is a full time Dad!
So, you can imagine our delight when we found out that our older 3 would be spending the night at Grandmas.
We would be home with 3 little kids….
that go to bed early!!!

We started making preparations, for our evening “alone”, early in the day.
We even went to the store and bought a few fun things.
The anticipation was amazing!
We were both so excited!
By 8:30pm the kiddies were safely tucked in.
DH closed the blinds, and turned down the lights..
I was giggly…anticipating that
almost forgotten,
but much longed for
secret event…….
the enjoyment of expensive Ice Cream,
Chocolate Brownie Explosion,
that can only be shared by two consenting adults.
We enjoyed every delightful second,
and destroyed the evidence!
Sometimes you just have to give in to forbidden temptations!

13 thoughts on “Alone-ish, at last!!

  1. Glad you got some special time together! I have a sis-in-law that hides her goodies b/c if she doesn’t her 6 kids eat them in a flash. You and Jeff are great parents and have such a cute family.


  2. Thanks Angel. I was all innocent and just thinking ice cream and now she has burned THAT vision in my eyes!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I’m gonna go and try to forget it all over a bowl of ice cream. I’ll be right over to get some:)


  3. Isn’t it funny how the simple pleasures in life can become! I have been known to hide the chocolate chip cookies in a cooking pot to indulge in after midnight! (the only time they were all asleep!)


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