Angel MADE me do it!

S0, I bought a whole bolt of iron on vinyl.

It isn’t completely ALL my fault. My sister Ang wants to recover a chair with Joel Dewberry…but she wants it Vinyl covered. She wants to use my 2 favorite things in one cool project!! I couldn’t resist!! …….and it was less expensive to buy it by the bolt than…….are you convinced yet? My husband isn’t….oh well!!!

Here are a couple of things I made for Angie (aka Angel) to go with her new purse.

A makeup bag, and checkbook cover (this is so easy!)

Of course, it is fused with vinyl inside!!



10 thoughts on “Angel MADE me do it!

  1. Wow!! What a great idea – I didn’t even know you could buy fusible vinyl – I guess I would be afraid it would melt onto my new iron!I’m going to have to make one of these checkbook covers. Not sure my husband will appreciate a bright floral – but really – I use it more than he does anyway!


  2. I’m TOTALLY convinced. I’ll be working on a list of ideas, because the idea of a bold of iron on vinyl makes me a little giddy. Lovely projects! Your sister is a lucky woman.


  3. I got so excited by that website … felt is massively cheaper on that site than anything I can find in the UK. I started filling up my online basket. They don’t ship internationally :o( Oh poop! You guys get all the great stuff!!! It’s not fair!!! I’m officially p’d off! Are there any other sites like this that DO ship internationally?


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