No clever title!


Just a couple of things today.
First: a first day of kindy photo!
His twin was thoroughly disgusted that he can’t go to school until next year…

This next pic is a bag that I made for my niece. She’s a senior this year, and is going to our brand new High School. Go Skyhawks!”

Anyway! I decided that this bag is going to be a free pattern, and tutorial!! It is SUPER easy, and big, and cute. It works as a book bag, tote, or purse. Oh yeah…It’s called the Keisha Bag!

It has one big pocket inside, but you could easily change it to your liking.

The back has a slash pocket that is the whole width of the purse.

I hope to have the tutorial done by the weekend……I need to go get some interfacing first. I use so much of the stuff that I should probably buy it by the bolt too!


16 thoughts on “No clever title!

  1. oooo, can't wait for the tutorial on this one. It would be a perfect bag for my teaching debut mid Sept. . .who am I kidding??? between finishing the Bloom quilt for my cousin's shower, working, applying to grad school, the kiddos & maybe some sleep. . . you get my point:) Awesome though:)


  2. Great bag, and a free tutorial, YAY!You have me really wanting to iron some vinyl onto fabric. This is great for makeup bags and wallets and stuff that will go in your purse. You can just wipe it clean!


  3. Are you sellin on etsy yet???You need to! I’m sure you could sell patterns as well as purses…now GO…do it right now…the kids are back to school. What else are you going to do with your time!Terisa


  4. LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been thinking about using up some of my fabrics to make those reusable grocery bags that are all the rage, but oh so ugly… this might be the perfect size…although you don’t mention dimensions. Might you have alternate size options with your next pattern/tutorial…ooooh can’t wait!


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