Iron On Vinyl Questions Answered!

I’ve had quite a few comments, and emails, with questions about Iron On Vinyl. (my new obsession)

I’ll do my best to give you all of the details this time

But first I have to warn the person who is Google-ing “Lola wearing tight vinyl”. You don’t really want to see me in tight vinyl….nobody really wants that (((shiver)))…geesh!!!

Where to find it–I bought my first small piece of I-On Vinyl at Joann’s. ( It was about $9.00 for 2yds, but I had to try it. ) You can find it many places on the net too. Quilting-warehouse was the cheapest I could find (for the 20 yd bolt). They were easy to work with, and fast. You just have to search for Iron On Vinyl….not fusible.

Which kind did I buy? I bought the Shiny Vinyl…not the matte. No real reason, I guess I like my vinyl to look vinyl-y.

Is it Messy? Not at all!! If you follow directions (I generally have problems with this). I haven’t even got any stuck to my iron…yet? I also heard that you have to be careful or you’ll get lint, and hair, and other stuff trapped between the fabric and vinyl. I haven’t had a problem with this either. It is EASY to use.

The Down Side
If you have alot to vinyl to fuse, do it in a WELL ventilated area…this stuff has some fumes!

Once you vinylize something…you don’t want to get it really wrinkly by cramming-it through-a little hole-that you have-left in the item-to turn it right-side out…*phew* because you can’t iron it.

Even though you want to, you probably shouldn’t cover the kids clothes with vinyl……….our should you?????


9 thoughts on “Iron On Vinyl Questions Answered!

  1. Awesome! you maybe shouldn’t cover their clothes with it – but I’m thinking I could make some bibs that are MUCH cuter than the ones in stores….Oh no! My project list just got LONGER! Again!


  2. Cute bibs was the first thing I thought of. but you could do a rain coat right? I think kids need rocking raincoats, the ones I find in stores are a little boring. One of those floppy hats would be cool too. Heck, anything would be great with vinyl!


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