Stella Titi Nani Nugget

I wanted to let you all know that I am now
a Dog Bed Maker for the Stars.
Broadway Super Star and Legendary Actress,
currently in …

Has allowed ME, Lola, to make a siesta spot for her Stelli Nugget.
OK…..she’s my cousin (Natalie, not the dog)!
Happy late Birthday Stella!

Hope you like it!!!


9 thoughts on “Stella Titi Nani Nugget

  1. i looooooove it! it’s SO perfect for my apartment! will match my red couch and fuchsia pillows perfectly!!! oooh stellie, you lucky little diva dog! that lil bitch is going to have to learn a new “bed” trick. thank you thank you thank you! now i need YOUR address for a little nyc sussy.


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