Bum Wiper has left the building!

How many pin cushions does one person need????
obviously more than 7!
That would be the reason why I made another one today.
I can’t ever seem to find one, so I stack pins by my sewing machine,
on the ironing board,
in the arm of the couch,
on the kitchen table,
and on my cutting mat (which ticks me off when I run over them with my rotary!)
I am starting to make my first (of many, I’m sure)
purse out of Lila Tueller’s Woodland Bloom, for Moda.
and….I finished the grey and yellow bag (Amy Butler fabric) today!
I’m trying to get a few things made so that I can open my ETSY!!!

I won’t get to even look at my Machine over the next couple of days. I get to work with my Seesters, and my Mum at the floral. There are weddings, funerals, anniversaries, corporate parties, school dances…..and MUCH more…this very weekend! I’m excited to work, if only to get away from the laundry, wiping butts, and ADHD kids for a few hours!

Have a great weekend!!

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