Salon Chair..I bloggeth thee!

The chair in my sissy’s Salon was in serious need of help.
She decided that I was going to recover it in Joel Dewberry for her.
This is the “real” reason why I got to buy a bolt of Iron on vinyl.
(That is my story, and I’m sticking with it!)
I didn’t get a photo of the whole chair before it got dismantled…
but, I did get a picture of the chair hole.

This is the top part of the chair whilst (yes! I said Whilst) being torn apart!
Now, are you ready to see my first attempt at upholsterey???
Well, maybe it is my second..but the first one didn’t count because it is only an ugly shampoo chair….that I plan on recovering soon!

Isn’t she a bute?

She’s got a gorgeous backside too!

I’m so proud I could cry….

well…maybe not that proud

But, I could giggle a little then reward myself with a half-gallon of ice cream.


22 thoughts on “Salon Chair..I bloggeth thee!

  1. That’s AWESOME! I totally thought all this time your sister wanted a chair, like in her living room, covered with vinly. This makes so much more sense. Of COURSE you needed a bolt of vinly for this. It’s beautiful.


  2. This is the cutest salon chair I have EVER seen!!! I might have to drive up and get my hair done at your sister’s salon, go to a purse class and learn to sew, AND visit my family one day…. I could do it, right? All on one Saturday???


  3. May I kiss the feet of the most talented Lola? Last time I got a cut and color I noticed that chair needed some Joel Dewberry. Now just tell Ringmaster she’s got to keep up with the style!


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