Things you may not want to know

My friend Emma thinks that she wants to know some quirky things about me…..the truth is….. there are more quirks than normals!
Here are the biggies!

1- I think life is a musical. I find myself breaking into song and dance at random moments (much to the shock and horror of my children.) It would make my day if, while walking down the street, we all started singing the same song…..and knew the same dance. Then, when it was over, we all went back to doing whatever it is that we were doing like nothing happened!

2- I really should have been a Doctor. I love to (along with my assistant DR. Internet) find out what is wrong with other people!

********************* 3-Bohemian Rhapsody is a love song. Actually, It is the song that Lego Hair and I fell in love to. We sang it to each other on our first date.

4- I love John Denver’s Greatest Hits……..and I’m still sad that he died.

5-My toes look like Monkey toes. My middle toe is the longest, tragically dwarfing all of the other piggies.
6- I read LOLcats, and laugh out loud, even though I don’t really like cats that much.

more animals

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I now pass this tag on to my family……because they don’t blog enough!!!!! Angel, Dee Dee, Ringmaster, Lynsey in Poo, Amber, and Busty Larue.


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