Dung on Toast, with a side of Crap A-la-mode!

I’m not what you would call a typical Soccer Mom. Generally, I like to stay home with the baby and let all of the other kids go with Dad.

Tonight….well, I couldn’t get out of it. It was team picture night and they started an hour before Dad was to get home. I loaded up ALL of the kids and headed for the fields. I had been praying for rain in hope that the pictures, and the two games that followed, would get rained out.

You can imagine my HUGE smile when, as we waited for our turn for pictures, it started to lightly rain. This was going to be cancelled!!! I was going to get to go home and have Bonus Sewing Time!!! This was my dream come true!!!

Did you know that they don’t cancel pictures because of rain??

No!! They make you stand there, getting wet……(with all of your screaming kids…..and the one that keeps running off) until they get the right picture of soggy 5 year olds!

Ah ha!! But, you brought jackets in case of something dumb like this. So everyone is kind of dry-ish. BUT….did you know that if your game is right after soggy pictures…and it starts to REALLY rain….THEY STILL DON’T CANCEL THE BLASTED GAME???

No!!! They don’t!!! You just get to sit there with your grumpy wet kids (and the one that keeps running off) eating soggy Cheese Puffs (not even real Cheetos) and drinking a Diet Pepsi (cause it was on sale!).

Lovely night, Right???


It was Cub Scouts Pack night right after the games got over!

The only thing that could top this one off perfectly would be projectile vomiting, and explosive diarrhea!

Tomorrow will be better…..right??????


8 thoughts on “Dung on Toast, with a side of Crap A-la-mode!

  1. Oh I am so sorry! You know, you could get out of pack night by moving out of the ward but still attend services….that way they HAVE to release you from the calling, but you can still go to the ward you want! 🙂As for getting out of soccer games…when I first started playing, my first game was in 36 degree weather. My dad went home halfway through the first quarter to get his coat from his mission to ALASKA so I didn’t freeze to death in the awful wind and cold courtesy of the canyons in Bountiful. Did I mention it was August at the time? I’m sorry you have a child who keeps running off…..want another one?? hehe just kidding!


  2. I agree with your mom, you should write a book!And to think TODAY, I was talking to a friend and lamenting the fact that I somehow messed up and didn’t get my kids into soccer this summer. I was ACTUALLY missing it. (wow, remind me of that next year!)


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