Please help me!!!!

I’m teaching my second Purse of the Month Club class on Saturday!
The purse I designed for it is a Reversible Shoulder Bag named the Dee Dee,
after my seester Diana. Dee Dee is her Cowgirl name for when we go see the Pro Bull Riders.

It is a really simple bag to teach, but I am still nervous about teaching the class!!
I need everyone to help me out with some suggestions on what to do with the class to make it FUN. Tell me about some great class that you have taken, and what made it so good.
Gracie Lou’s provides a delightful lunch as part of the class….and I will be providing chocolate…of course!
Give me some ideas!! Please!!

11 thoughts on “Please help me!!!!

  1. I am not very creative, but hey no else has posted any ideas, so my idea is as an introduction you could have everyone tell their worst sewing nightmare. Maybe that would take too long?


  2. I know! Provide spiked punch – then if you mess up nobody will remember! Kidding. You'll do a wonderful job! The brain doesn't know the difference between nervousness & excitement. . .tell yourself it's excitement:)


  3. That bag is way too cute! I wish that EVERYTHING you did was a tutorial too!I would say to play music. It helps people feel more comfortable. Pick some stuff that’s upbeat to play as they come in. Pause it while you teach directly, then play it again when you are circulating the room and helping with individuals. They’ll feel less embarrassed to ask questions because it will seem like no one else can hear them. You can always pause the music again to give group instructions as necessary. Just a little something I enjoyed using in my classroom. Hopefully it will help you feel more at ease too. I’m sure you’ll do great!


  4. Yeah, rag time will work but the “chicken polka” may be a bit livelier. Remember as a good teacher to ALWAYS begin your class with “rules and procedures”.1. If your sewing machine jams…don’t keep sewing. 2. Please don’t use my scissors to attemt to cut through your pins. 3. Please do not offer acupuncture services to your neighbor.4. Do not stick the pins into the first layer of your skin. I know you have 7 layers.Just the basics…..oh and don’t smile until after Thanksgiving. That way they’ll know your a no nonsense instructor.Anyone who can make tutorials like you do will be just fine!


  5. I made a similar bag back in may and posted a tutorial on my blog – and taught the girls at MY sewing class to make one. They are aged 10-15 years – but the week we did it, a new helper [in her 60s] turned up, who was full of crazy stories about sewing disasters. She REALLY inspired the girls and we all laughed a lot. Take samples of bags you have made, tell them not to worry – measure twice, cut once – and HAVE FUN!!blessings, Angela


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