Do you know what Friday is???

Friday would be the day that Brig gets his kindergarten pictures taken.
His very first school pictures!
Do you know what Brig did today??
he was cutting the lawn
(sweet boy)
with the safety scissors………
when, mysteriously, his head got in the way!
I decided that this deserved a kindergarten-esque illustration.
Cut on the dotted lines Briggy….

I got out the clippers, and he is now sporting an adorable buzz cut.

I love kids!! This is going to be one of the best school pics ever!


16 thoughts on “Do you know what Friday is???

  1. Aw! That look on his face has me cracking up. Poor guy. My little sister snuck some giant rubber bat clip on earrings to school for her 2nd grade pics. It was quite a shock to my mom when the pictures came in.


  2. This is the point where I tell you that right before my 2nd grade school pictures, I decided I wanted to pluck my eyebrows. However, it was painful. So I took MY safety scissors and wacked them off in weird chunklets. That buzz cut you gave the Kindergartner? I had that done. TO MY EYEBROWS.


  3. Oh my! WHY must they always do it just in time for PHOTOS???My nephews were experts at getting big bonks on the forehead just before photos, so they looked like police photos for parental abuse instead of school photos.


  4. when my eldest was little she got a pair of scissors while she was at preschool. she very carefully and precisely cut her hair into an adorable mullet. when she got home she got an adorable wedge cut. kids and scissors just don’t mix.


  5. JanaThank you for your comments on my “sad” post today.Mr Jelly has said I should remove the post in case the family read it, so now he’s made me feel guilty so I’ve deleted it.I just wanted to say thank you for thinking about me, and explain why it has disappeared from my blog.PS – that haircut is one in a million!


  6. Fortunately he didn’t get tangled with the lawn mower! Whew! He did a great job on that one and if Ty gets word of how the haircut went down, he may be trying that technique to get me to FINALLY buzz his:)


  7. aaahh, yes, I remember the funny haircut, wait, that kid still has a funny haircut . . .aaaahh, yes, the teen years . . .you just wait, Lola! it only gets better, and they get even more funny!🙂


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