Biz Ruined My Life!!

This man, Biz Markie, has ruined my life. Everytime we sit down to watch TV my baby insists that we watch Yo Gabba Gabba……but only the Biz’s Beat of the Day parts.

There is NOT enough Diet Coke in the World to make this torture O.K.


9 thoughts on “Biz Ruined My Life!!

  1. Um.. we LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba and I think Biz’s beat of the day is the best part! Well that and “Cool Tricks, yeahhhhhhhh” What’s up with the names of the kids on that show? Have you noticed that? They all have super odd names. boo haa boo boo haa boo haa boo boo haa. *make sure you spit on mommy a bit when you do it*


  2. Yeah, mainly because he’s the most annoying black man I’ve ever watched! I’m glad my kids are over the annoying kiddie shows…oh, wait, now there’s annoying pre-teen shows i.e. Hannah Montana, Life with Derek, etc. Grrrr.


  3. umm yeah, we don’t watch yo gabba gabba. Our nickelodean channel is dumb and it has been frozen on an episode of Fresh Prince all day, so we haven’t even had the pleasure of watching the rest of the annoying kid shows Marshy likes to watch.


  4. I’ll remember you in my prayers… Yes, this is me leaving a comment. Since starting a blog I have vowed to be a good commenter!Also, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have seen you. Can we please get together to gossip over a Diet Coke soon?


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