I’ve been sewing!!!
…and I love it!
Here is the reason for all of the bags I’m making;
It is Quilt-fest (?) in Ogden this week and Gracie Lou’s has a booth.
They asked me to make several samples of 3 of my purses, which they are going to kit and sell with my patterns!!
Here are the bags I’ve made so far:

The Dee Dee bag made from Tina Givens. It is MUCH prettier in person!
The next 3 are Keisha bags.

These two are made from Park Slope fabric,

and this lovely is made from that gorgeous linen (silk?), and some new Moda.
It hangs so beautifully……..I hate to let this one go……(drool)

Back to work! I have to write up, and illustrate 2 patterns…..better open another Diet Coke.


10 thoughts on “Bag-a-liscious!

  1. The last Keisha bag is my fave. How are you copyrighting your patterns? Do you send them in one at a time, or all at once? I’m trying to figure that aspect of my patterns out presently, and it’s giving me a headache!


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