So…I thought

……..that they were going to Ogden on Wednesday. As usual, I put some of my purse/pattern making off. Well, on Monday afternoon I found out that they were leaving (supposedly with my patterns, purses etc..) Tuesday Morning!!

I spent last night sewing like a maniac, writing and illustrating patterns, and in a general state of panic!!! It was mayhem!!!

These are a couple of the bags that I snapped pictures that I remembered to photograph before they left the house.

This is the Jessica Bag….named after my adorable(?) teen.

I need a nap!


12 thoughts on “So…I thought

  1. OMG! You are amazing! Those bags are so super duper-ish CUTE! How are you doing? How are the babes? P.S. Matt is always bragging about his super talented cousins. You guys have a huge fan there. 🙂


  2. Dang you for being so blasted talented. I seriously can’t stand ya, but I am absolutely LOVING the purses! Too cute for words. Next up…the “Kaci” bag. Has a good ring to it. Hmmm…..


  3. All I can say “why didnt I get any talent at all?” I cant sing (unless doing a duet with lego hari man) I cant sew (ok I can sew its the cutting out I cant do “lynsey’s spiral staircase” is proof enough) Nope cant dance any more the rolls get in the way. My scrap books get moldy from the trailer life. RUDE


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