I know that I have reported this story to the blog world before, but I am sad to say that the suffering continues.
Every day, across the world, stick people are being tortured for the safety of mankind.
They have no one to stand up for them, no voice…………………….

1. ouch, 2. R0011714-20080907120338, 3. Caution: Jazz Hands When Wet!, 4. OUCH, 5. Are stairs dangerous now?, 6. Caption This, 7. Beware god’s wrath here., 8. Untitled, 9. Don’t Play Piano During a Twister?, 10. Electric belt dance, 11. Do not operate machine with safety guards removed, 12. Do not enter this area unless machine is safely supported by means other than hydraulic cylinders

………………until now!!
Join with me,
fellow bloggers,
and stand up for the freedom of the sticks!!
For the cost of just one Diet Coke a day
you can help repair some of the damage our kind has dealt them!
Think of the stick children…..think of their future.
Send your money NOW to:
(Sticks Tortured and Un insured, Pounded and Impaled Daily)
C/O Lola…again!!!

8 thoughts on “S..T..U..P..I..D…..

  1. I can’t seem to spare a Diet Coke! How about if I send you all my empty cans? I’m sure they will amount to something…eventually:)P.S. it’s important to use jazz hands always. I think it may have saved me from some serious injuries in the 80s.


  2. hi jana!i’m having a sewing party tonight + watching the office season premiere! we’re putting together my invitations -which involves a couple straight stitches. If you can come, it should be a fast job if we can get a few there with their sewing machines.i know it’s late notice, but if you can come, we’ll be at my parents’ house and will be sewing from 7-ish – 10-ishNicole


  3. Oh Lola….I feel so bad about the poor overlooked conditions of the stick people. I agree this is a peoples group that is being exploited and something must be done. I am so gratful there are people like YOU who will take a stand for a cause….even one as controversial as this.YOU GO GIRL!


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