Deadly combo!

The combination of doing a weeks worth of our family laundry, and trying to program an ecommerce website (no!! I’m not a programmer…but, I’m learning fast!)……
Makes your eyes look like this……

your bloody stumps of fingers fall off……..

all before your head EXPLODES!!! (not pictured…to messy!)


8 thoughts on “Deadly combo!

  1. I understand all too well. It seems that when I’m really busy with work, nobody else in the house knows how to wash a dish or do a load of laundry, so when my work slows down, I’m met with a huge mountain of dirty dishes and laundry.What did you end up using for your website?


  2. Lola I happened acrossed Coltons blog. I havent seen the pictures of him in the hospital for a really long time. I cant believe how much it still hurts and how numb I have let my self get. Sorry to tell you about it cause I have probably made you remember the pretend Colton and his fat little face (though there was nothing little about it:(


  3. Sounds like you need some ClearEyes…or at least some Visine! I can’t really do anything about your fingers falling off, or your laundry….but if you ever need fake tears, you know where you can find me! 🙂


  4. Somehow, I've got you beat. We have Mt Laundry ready to errupt around here. This is scary. My Great room is wall to wall clean laundry that needs to be folded & my laundry room is suddenly WAY too small. My washing machine that supposedly holds 3 regular loads of laundry could stand to do another 4 or 5 loads & I could probably find more that needs to be done. I need a laundry fairy. ..


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