Sewing again!!!

The twins (not really twins) woke up this morning with stomach aches. That isn’t a good thing since neither of them is good at making it to the bathroom. Luckily they never got that sick…just sick enough to drive me crazy!!

I made them go downstairs and watch movies so that I could sew. I haven’t been around my machine in a week, so this was a happy moment!!!
First, I made this cute skirt out of Amy Butlers Daisy chain. It went together really fast, so I decided to finish the PJ pants I cut out on Sunday.
They are made out of the softest flannel…I think it is Moda….but it is pink with sock monkeys!!
How cute is that??? No! They aren’t for my 7 year old….
they’re for me…..I know what you’re thinking,
“A giant woman in monkey flannel??? How cute????”
I know…..

I had enough time to put together this quilt top for my baby. It is out of that same sock monkey line. The baby, in the right corner, approves!

Yeah for sewing!!!!!


16 thoughts on “Sewing again!!!

  1. I love it!! I can’t wait to get out my sewing machine this weekend and make some feeble attempts at sewing. I am still learning slowly!I love the sock monkey pj pants! I slept with my sock monkey when I was little…I think my mother has it tucked away in her cedar chest.


  2. Oh CUTE! I am so jealous you actually had time to sew! I usually can’t get to my machine until 11 PM, and by then I’m afraid it’ll be so loud it will make the downstairs neighbors mad, so I don’t sew.


  3. Wow! You have been whomping up on that sewing!I am in the mood for flannel now that we are having autumn chill. I love it! My friend Theresa said her boys always warned her when they needed to throw up. “Mommy I have to throw up BLAATTTTTTTTTT!” They would find her and let her know just in time to throw up on her.


  4. WOW! I don’t think I have ever gotten that much done in one sewing session…and I only have 2 kids. Way to go! It all looks awesome! So what pattern is getting printed? Congrats!


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