..and the Angels sang!!

I had one of those really great days last week!!! It was such a great day that I started to wonder if it was really my life I was living!

1st- The kids were up, and ready for school on time without me yelling!!!
2nd- I got an unexpected $200!! Whew-hew!! I love unexpected money!!
3rd-My new Laptop was delivered 3 days early!!

She’s a beauty!! She can do anything!! I LOVE HER!!!
Now, I can sit on the comfy couch..watching my favorite show….
with my computer on my lap top!!!

4th-I found out that one of my patterns is going to be published in the book One Yard Wonders!
I’m going to be published!!!! I could cry!!!

It was a really great day! I could almost hear the angels singing in the background!


20 thoughts on “..and the Angels sang!!

  1. Super congratulations on being published! Let us know when the book comes out and I’ll be sure to buy one. I love all your stuff and especially your taste in fabric. I’m not surprised that someone included you in a fantastic sewing book.Yay!


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