I could get so much done if………

……..six of my shadows would just GO TO BED!!!!!
(photo courtesy My new web cam)


21 thoughts on “I could get so much done if………

  1. LOVE the picture of you on here–finally to see what this stranger/friend looks like! 🙂 Not that you’re strange. . . I meant that you’re a relative stranger to me, but still a random, fun blog friend. Very cute shadows you have, by the way!


  2. funny thing. . .my oldest shadow (aka the almost 8 year old) is starting to NOT want to go to bed. And the really big shadow (the husband) now wants to talk my ear off & demands my FULL, undivided attention (aka no blogging or crafting) while he talks after the kids are in bed. There is no justice. ..


  3. Oh Boy! What a lovely group of non sleepers! And you with that smile! I don’t think my smile is ever that big at the bed time struggle and we only have one kid to get into bed each night!


  4. I did the same thing Diana did! Although, in my defense, when I saw the pic on your laptop, LOLA, I was looking at an odd angle. As I look at it here on my computer, I can defintely see Taters.


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